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Classroom Funding Problems? – Have You Heard of Donors Choose!

There are so many reasons to love education.  Watching students grow both academically and socially. Collaborating with colleagues on fun and innovative projects that just make you beyond excited to be a teacher.  My time as a classroom teacher are some of my most favorite memories hands down. But to keep it real with everyone, there are some problems educators deal with, and funding for teachers and their classroom is right near the top. I felt it as a teacher. We were given a couple hundred dollars each and that was our classroom budget for the year. I’d send home […]

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Help Leaders Learn To Lead

If you’re a leader, and you are because everyone is – you have to let your leaders learn to lead. It always baffles me that people try to do everything all by themselves. They lack complete control over letting anyone else do anything at all. No decision making. No leadership status. Just people that listen, and then execute that command. Something has to change.  Stressed at work with too many initiatives?  Working long hours and your personal life is suffering? Too many projects happening at once and not making progress with any of them? The people around you just can’t […]

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What Are Your Lifetime Goals

The thought of lifetime goals hit me really hard the other day as I was thinking about certain relationships in my life.  Many are amazing, and filled with – love laughter that sometimes hurts joy from being surrounded with kind and caring people authenticity when it comes to openness, opinions and constructive feedback or criticism memories that make you smile and some that may you cry in depth conversations that challenge you, make you think and leave you a better human being and other relationships in my life are – strained because of misunderstandings that haven’t yet been resolved awkward […]

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Be Someone’s Guide

There are events that happen throughout your life that you’ll remember forever. Events that have a special place not just in your heart, but in those around you. You can plan for these moments, but many times they’re just going to happen without you having any control whatsoever.  My experience as a marathon guide all happened completely out of my control. Many years ago I was running a marathon in Sacramento, California and about halfway through the race I started passing runners that had the word GUIDE on their backs and they were tethered to another runner with a rope, […]

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No More (Traditional) Meetings

How many meetings that you attend are a complete waste of time? My apologies upfront for starting this blog post with such negativity, but something has to be done. I use to think it was just me who didn’t enjoy sitting in a room, at a table with other people and spending hours on end talking or mostly listening, without having any clear objectives or takeaways.  But then I started traveling around the country speaking and consulting with other educators and I realized I wasn’t alone! “I need more time in the day.” Hey, I get it.  Then stop having […]

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My #OneWord for 2020 – OTHERS

For years I’ve written a #OneWord post leading into the new year. I’ve chosen MORE and TEAM and other words as my focus. My word for 2020 is OTHERS. I spend a lot of time alone on airplanes, in rental cars, hotel rooms, talking with other educators from around the country and most importantly spending time with my wife and two kids.  In all of those moments there’s always one profound thought that I’m thinking about.  It’s NOT about you.  It’s about the people around you. It’s about your students and what makes them excited about learning. It’s about the […]

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