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No More (Traditional) Meetings

How many meetings that you attend are a complete waste of time? My apologies upfront for starting this blog post with such negativity, but something has to be done. I use to think it was just me who didn’t enjoy sitting in a room, at a table with other people and spending hours on end talking or mostly listening, without having any clear objectives or takeaways.  But then I started traveling around the country speaking and consulting with other educators and I realized I wasn’t alone! “I need more time in the day.” Hey, I get it.  Then stop having […]

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My #OneWord for 2020 – OTHERS

For years I’ve written a #OneWord post leading into the new year. I’ve chosen MORE and TEAM and other words as my focus. My word for 2020 is OTHERS. I spend a lot of time alone on airplanes, in rental cars, hotel rooms, talking with other educators from around the country and most importantly spending time with my wife and two kids.  In all of those moments there’s always one profound thought that I’m thinking about.  It’s NOT about you.  It’s about the people around you. It’s about your students and what makes them excited about learning. It’s about the […]

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Six Strategies to Help Achieve Your Goals

Goals are something I think about – a lot. “What’s next for you?” “Do you have some new ideas or projects you’re working on?” “It’s been awhile since I’ve done something big, lots of ideas rolling around but I’m just not sure what to do next?” Is there something you’ve been wanting to do since you were eighteen? You’ve always had this ambition to travel the world and write a blog about your experiences, but aren’t sure how to put it all together. Maybe you’ve run ten half-marathons and completing a full marathon is next on your list…….but. This is […]

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My Top 10 Favorite Books of 2019

To be clear and completely upfront, this post could have had forty-five books recommended, but thankfully I whittled it down to my favorite Top 10 for 2019. In 2020 I’m going to keep better track of the books I read, because in all I read between forty-five and fifty books. “How do you have time to read so many books Adam?” I don’t watch television. I don’t read magazines. I fly A LOT which gives me quiet and uninterrupted time to read. It’s fun and great for my brain so I make the time – and you can too! Not […]

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Three Ways to Engage Kids This School Year

As I look ahead to the coming school year, thinking about my own two children who will be entering 1st and 3rd grade this year, so many thoughts are going through my mind. Also having the privilege to work with educators from all across the country, and I’m constantly thinking about how complicated education has become.  I’m not saying being an educator was less complicated in previous generations, or easier by any means – education just feels so much more complicated and busy.  I taught elementary school for years and my dad taught 2nd grade for over thirty-five years and […]

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Must Have Leadership Strategies for School Leaders – Part I

Being a leader is hard.  With the vast array of duties and daily demands all vying for a leaders attention, you can quickly get wrapped up, burned out and lose focus on what’s most important.  It’s imperative that leaders develop strategies to help them navigate and thrive in the complex world that they lead. In this post, I’ve brought together some of my favorite leadership strategies from my time as a school and district office leader. Above all else, lead your organization Visibility When a school leader is visible, it really sets the tone for everything else they do. Some […]

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