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My Favorite Books Of 2018

2018 was a big reading year for me, in all I read 40+ books throughout the past twelve months and I wanted to share my favorites. You’ll notice I don’t read many education related books and this habit is not a new one for me. Reading and exploring outside the education genre for me really gets my brain to a new point of view and helps to bring real world ideas into my work in education! I hope you enjoy! American Wolf American Wolf by Nate Blakeslee was an absolutely riveting story about the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone National […]

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I Am So Tired Of ‘Nice’

I’ve heard it for years and years and years and years. People use it like it’s some magical quality that other people have and it makes them untouchable. Like they get a free pass from having to actually be relevant and push their organization forward. In my experience and opinion it’s purely used as an excuse to protect people, to shield them from the work they should be engaging in, from the people who they are actually here to serve – THE KIDS! I am so tired of nice. If you work in education, you work with kids, which means […]

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More – My #OneWord for 2018

Suffer.  That was my #OneWord for 2017. I can remember the comments after publishing my blog post last December and making it public.  “Interesting word Adam.” “I’m ‘excited’ to follow your progress” ‘Hmmmmm, let’s see how this turns out” It turned out great. Everyone should suffer on some level on a regular basis, let me tell you why. My experience in 2017 and the suffering I wanted to endure and experience and share publicly has led me directly to my word for 2018 with new goals attached. The experiences I went through. The people I met. The thoughts I had […]

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I Am So Tired Of No

No. You can’t talk in the computer lab while you’re working on your research project. No. We’ve never done it that way before so you can’t – stop asking. No. It’s a science fair, you can’t build an iOS app instead. No. The assignment was due yesterday so you can’t turn it in today No. You can’t code right now, we’re doing this math worksheet website. No. You can’t take your class outside for that lesson, it needs to happen in the classroom. No. You can’t change the art project, this is how it’s supposed to look.  No. We can’t […]

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District Leaders Should Get Out of Their Office!

The post below was published on EdWeek the week of March 17th. A few questions for district leaders…  1. How many hours per week do you spend at school sites? 2. How many of those hours do you spend in classrooms when you visit school sites? 3. How many teachers do you know by name? 4. How many teachers know your name? 5. How many kids know your name? Even at the district office, our students should know our names… In July 2016, I’ve moved to the district office level and no longer work at a school as a principal. To […]

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Just Start Doing #CUE17 #KidsDeserveIt #tlap

There’s too much planning going on. Too many meetings about the plan. Way too many conversations about what the plan can look like. Too much looking at other peoples plans. Who’s going to do what and when for the plan. We don’t have enough money for the plan. Let’s start with the plan next year. Can someone start a Google Doc for the plan. Let’s make sure we ‘go slow to go fast’ – What does that even mean? There’s too much planning for the meeting you’re going to have after this meeting is over – you don’t need another […]

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