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District Leaders Should Get Out of Their Office!

The post below was published on EdWeek the week of March 17th. A few questions for district leaders…  1. How many hours per week do you spend at school sites? 2. How many of those hours do you spend in classrooms when you visit school sites? 3. How many teachers do you know by name? 4. How many teachers know your name? 5. How many kids know your name? Even at the district office, our students should know our names… In July 2016, I’ve moved to the district office level and no longer work at a school as a principal. To […]

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Just Start Doing #CUE17 #KidsDeserveIt #tlap

There’s too much planning going on. Too many meetings about the plan. Way too many conversations about what the plan can look like. Too much looking at other peoples plans. Who’s going to do what and when for the plan. We don’t have enough money for the plan. Let’s start with the plan next year. Can someone start a Google Doc for the plan. Let’s make sure we ‘go slow to go fast’ – What does that even mean? There’s too much planning for the meeting you’re going to have after this meeting is over – you don’t need another […]

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