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By Adam Welcome
The Donors Choose Next Level Course (1)

I’ve been traveling the country speaking to educators and giving workshops for years.

I talk about leadership, Makerspaces, kids, teachers, how to engage parents and other educational topics that I always hope will benefit the people I’m working with so they can be the best teacher or principal possible.

If you look at my speaking page all of those topics are listed. 

Except one. 

And I have no idea why I’ve never officially added it to my line-up.

I believe in Donors Choose so much and have seen the amazing success it can bring to a school that I always seem to fit it in for just a few minutes while I’m talking.

Usually it starts during a question and answer session. Or when I’m talking about makerspaces. At the lunch break. Or even during a leadership breakout when Principals are complaining about not having enough money to support the programs and ideas I’ve talked about.

That’s why I built an online course to help teachers write a grant and get it funded on Donors Choose.

I’ve never been to or worked in a school district that had ‘enough’ funding for everything, none.

Science equipment – you can write a grant for that!

Professional development – we sent seven teachers to Teachers College in New York and it was all funded with a grant on Donors Choose!

iPads, Chromebooks and other technology – you bet, write that grant and get new equipment for your classroom!

But you know what happened after all many of those conversations with teachers about Donors Choose and writing a grant?

The vast majority of people that I spoke with about Donors Choose and writing a grant, never wrote the grant. 

Most things never get done – because they never get started.

Didn’t have the time.

Didn’t make the time.

Didn’t know where to start.

Didn’t know what they wanted.

Didn’t have anyone to help fund the grant.

I get it, trust me!

We were in the same spot ten years ago when I was a Principal. Didn’t have enough funding for what our teachers wanted and needed. So we turned to Donors Choose and figured it out. 

And that’s what this course is. 

The tips, tricks, resources and ideas that I feel will benefit you the most so you can write a grant and get it funded.

You can see all the modules for the course and information to sign-up here!

I’ve seen lots of different courses out there and the price for them seems expensive for teachers – so that’s why my Donors Choose course is $19. 

It’s on sale right now for $19 and I may just keep that price forever, because I really want this to be attainable for teachers so they can get their grants funded!

Check out a couple of testimonials below from teachers who have already taken the course!

“Adam Welcome’s Next Level Course is just that, NEXT LEVEL!  I had unsuccessful Donors Choose Projects and decided to jump on his Donors Choose Course to learn the tricks of the trade.  Let me tell you, IT WORKED! My first project for $275 was FULLY FUNDED in 4 days! Do not delay on signing up for this magical course!”

Lisa Toebben – High School teacher in Missouri

“Adam’s course includes all the essential components for a successful project. The action guides are simple to implement, making the project attainable. The course brings so much confidence as you write the grant!”

Brooklyn McCarley – Middle School teacher in Alabama

Check out the course and please let me know what you think – I really want to help you get equipment, supplies, materials, professional development and so much more for you and your students!

Adam Welcome

Adam Welcome

Adam has been an elementary school teacher, Principal, Director of Innovation for a large school district in the Bay Area and is also an author and speaker.

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