My Top 10 Favorite Books of 2019

By Adam Welcome
Favorite Books of 2019

To be clear and completely upfront, this post could have had forty-five books recommended, but thankfully I whittled it down to my favorite Top 10 for 2019. In 2020 I’m going to keep better track of the books I read, because in all I read between forty-five and fifty books.

“How do you have time to read so many books Adam?”

I don’t watch television.

I don’t read magazines.

I fly A LOT which gives me quiet and uninterrupted time to read.

It’s fun and great for my brain so I make the time – and you can too!

Not all of the books I read this year or recommended are brand new releases, some have sat on my shelf for sometime before I had a chance to read them and others just this year came on my radar. 

In my Amazon Cart alone there are at least twenty-five books waiting to be ordered and in my bedroom I have another fifteen waiting to be read – I like books, a lot!

Here are my Top 10 Favorite Books of 2019!

Where The Crawdads Sing was my hands down favorite book of 2019. 

True story – I took off on a flight across the country from San Francisco to Boston. Started reading Where The Crawdads Sing as we were leaving the gate. And I didn’t get up the entire flight and finished the book from cover to cover. 

This book is just absolutely packed with so many ideas and nuggets to think about that are emotionally charged on every single page. 

How we treat people in society that are different than us or just perceived to be different than us.

What some kids go through in their home life.

That all people have amazing talents and it takes other people to sometimes help them realize those talents to fruition.

You can buy Where The Crawdads Sing here and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy!

Educated is such a riveting story that just does not let up. As I read each page I continued saying – ‘Oh my gosh’ over and over again.

Don’t let the circumstances around you, define who you are and who you become. You will not be disappointed with this book, absolutely amazing writing and story from Tara Westover.

You can purchase Educated here, it’s such a powerful story.

Call Sign Chaos by Jim Mattis is part leadership book, memoir, thought provoking and so much more. After spending an entire career in the military and working for the government, General Mattis has so much to share and I really enjoyed his up front and to the point personality!

You can purchase Call Sign Chaos here.

Make Your Bed is a book that I recommend all the time and many people may know his commencement speech at the University of Texas that has 10+ million views on You Tube. (watch the video here) 

This book is so simple and direct and has made me think about so many areas in my life that I can improve. There are chapters that I’ve read with my 8 and 6 year old and then had a conversation. 

It’s a quick read that will lead to many conversations.

You can purchase Make Your Bed here.

Wolfpack is the second book from Abby Wombach (Forward was her first and an amazing read) which I initially bought for my 8 year old daughter to read. She loved it so I brought it on the airplane with me and could not put it down.

It’s quick, it’s direct, it’s impactful and it will make you think. 

You can purchase Wolfpack here.

Way of the Warrior Kid – Where There’s a Will is one of many books from Jocko Willink and I absolutely devour everything he writes.

This book is for kids, for parents, for teachers and pretty much anyone who is looking for some life lessons. We’ve read this book a few times in my life and I love that my kids take action based on what the character (Jake) does in the story.

It’s relatable, fun to read and will help change some mindsets for sure.

You can purchase Way of the Warrior Kid here.

I am so glad I picked up this book. Dear Martin was riveting, in so many ways and opened up my mindset to many different issues. There were times when it was hard to read, but it’s something that everyone needs to read about. 

Read, share it and then read it again – I have!

You can purchase Dear Martin here.

Life Undercover – Coming of Age in the CIA was a book that I stayed up late for three nights in a row to finish, and I never stay up later to finish books.

A woman, the CIA, spies, terrorist, relationships and it’s all a true story. I even lent this book to my wife’s 98 year old grandmother and she loved it.

10 stars on this one for sure, couldn’t put it down.

You can purchase Life Undercover here.

Netflixed is an older book but has so many valuable lessons for anyone to think about. 

Remain relevant, push the envelope, speed over perfection, work hard, innovate and don’t give up. Netflix first office was an old bank in Santa Cruz, CA and they’re now as we all know a behemoth of digital content. Read about how they began, how they didn’t give up and made it to where they are.

You can purchase Netflixed here.

Let The Children Play is the second book from Pasi Sahlberg and is so eye opening and a book that anyone who has children or wants to have children should read. Our kids have too much screen time, they don’t play enough, they’re being raised indoors, and it’s having a negative impact on future generations. 

Pasi and William make such a compelling case to let children play that I’m giving my own children extra play time at home!

You can purchase Let The Children Play here.

Adam Welcome

Adam Welcome

Adam has been an elementary school teacher, Principal, Director of Innovation for a large school district in the Bay Area and is also an author and speaker.

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