The 19 Best Teacher Websites That Help You Be Awesome for Kids

By Adam Welcome
teacher websites

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of teacher websites and resources on the internet.

It’s a bit like drinking from a firehose.

That’s why, in this post, I’ve compiled some of my favorite teacher websites into a “water fountain” that’s much easier to handle. 🙂

Keep reading to see what they are.

My Favorite Blogs and Websites for Teachers

1. Cult of Pedagogy

Jennifer Gonzales

The Cult of Pedagogy is seriously one of the best resources for educators.

Jennifer Gonzales is the mastermind behind all the site’s amazing content.

Cult of Pedagogy has articles about instruction, classroom management, technology, and so much more.

Also be sure to check out her podcast for other great ideas!

2. Teach Better Team

Teach Better

The Teach Better Team has a pretty diverse background, and they provide an awesome teacher website with tons of resources.

They have content on standard based grading, technology, UDl, lesson planning, and more.

One thing I love about the Teach Better Team is that they’re constantly pumping out awesome content for teachers of every grade level and subject.

Also make sure to listen and subscribe to their podcast!

3. Jesus Huerta

Jesus Huerta

If you aren’t connected with the magic that is Jesus Huerta, you are missing out.

Jesus is an elementary teacher in Southern California. Hedoes absolutely amazing things with his students. And he has a great teacher website.

He has content about 3D printing, robotics, and pretty much anything else you can think of that is relevant and awesome for your kids.

Be sure to follow Jesus on Twitter as well for daily inspiration and awesome curriculum ideas!

4. Tony Vincent

Troy Vincent

Tony Vincent has one of the most curated and amazing teacher websites on the internet, period!

Tony is the master with all things Google, photos, cool tips and tricks, and more. And you must check out his Online Workshops to extend your learning beyond his free offerings. You won’t be disappointed!

Tony also puts out super simple but helpful tutorials on his Instagram page. Give him a follow, but be prepared to learn!

5. Jessica Cabeen

Jessica Cabeen

My good friend Jessica Cabeen is one of the smartest and most amazing educators I know.

I feel like I’m constantly learning from her blog and website.

Jessica writes about self care, how to elevate your learning and yourself, what it’s like being a middle school principal, and much more.

Jessica is a gem, be sure to connect with her and read her content!

6. Dave Burgess

Dave Burgess

If you don’t know the original pirate educator, Dave Burgess, then the time is now!

Dave has been writing, speaking, blogging, and publishing books for years and continues to innovate with next level ideas and content on a weekly basis.

He has one of the best teacher websites on the planet. You may want to use the search function on his blog, because the content runs deep, and there is a ton of it!

Be sure to follow Dave and the DBC crew on Instagram for new book releases and other content as it comes up!

7. Kim Strobel

Kim Strobel

Kim Strobel is the queen of happiness, vision boards, picking a word of the year, and so much more.

Kim is always super positive. Her ideas are new and fresh and awesome.

Kim also has a Free Masterclass you can sign-up for, so don’t miss out!

8. Art For Kids Hub

Art For Kids Hub

Art For Kids Hub is such a gem of a resource for teachers, students and parents alike.

I first discovered this site many years ago when I was a Principal, and a couple classes were doing the directed drawing lessons for fun.

The amount of resources they have now is absolutely insane. There’s something for everyone.

They do have a paid version, but don’t worry because there is tons of free content to utilize.

Have fun drawing!

9. Jeff Herb

Jeff Herb

Jeff Herb has been in the teacher website game for a long time!

His Instructional Tech Talk site is where you’ll find most of his best teacher resources.

He has content about technology, staying safe online, special education, and more. Jeff is constantly creating new content and tutorials.  

Be sure to connect with him on Twitter!

10. Free Tech 4 Teachers

Richard Bryne

I found Free Tech 4 Teachers almost 10 years ago.

Actually, I think it was the first teacher website I ever found.

Richard Bryne is the man behind all the resources. He’s been pumping out content for a long time.

If you want to learn about podcasting, Google, story apps, ideas for science, and pretty much anything else related to education, check out Free Tech for Teachers..

Richard offers summer trainings in person and virtual training opportunities as well.

11. Edutopia


Edutopia is an incredible teacher website and overall resource.

You’ll find articles on a vast array of teacher topics from meditation in the classroom, book recommendations, technology integration, podcasts, and the list goes on and on.

Their YouTube channel is worth checking out as well. You’ll find both short, quick videos and longer pieces that will really make you think and spark a conversation with your class and  colleagues alike.

12. Jeff Bradbury

Jeff Bradbury

Jeff Bradbury’s blog is packed with resources, articles, and great ideas for your classroom.

It’s one of the best teacher websites on the internet. From resume tips, science lessons, coding ideas, to starting a podcast —

Jeff has a lot to offer.

Additionally, his Teacher Cast website is packed with solid ideas and teacher resources.

Make sure to check out the podcast too!

13. Alice Keeler

Alice Keeler

When Alice writes and speaks it’s all done to have a positive impact with teachers and students in the classroom.

Alice is the queen of anything Google-related. nd the FIVE books she’s written would all attest to that. What she puts out is easy to read, easy to replicate in your classroom, and it just makes sense.

Alice is also a prolific Tweeter so make sure to give her a follow!

14. Donors Choose

Donors Choose

Donors Choose is amazing for the grants that teachers can write to get supplies and materials for their classrooms, but they also have a great blog with implementation ideas for your classroom as well.

From ideas on how to implement flexible seating, blending learning, how to write a great grant for your classroom, how to teach media literacy, and so much more, Donors Choose is a great resource to check out.

15. National Geographic

National Geographic

National Geographic has been and continues to be a wonderful resource for teachers of all grade levels.

The NatGeo Education blog has ideas for summer professional development, female ocean explorers, teaching literacy in a science classroom, and they also highlight specific educators who are doing awesome work in the field.

One quick and handy link on their blog is the Strategy Share where educators from all over the world share an idea for others to learn from and implement.

16. Kasey Bell

Kasey Bell

Kasey Bell is an absolute machine when it comes to pumping out amazing content on her teacher website.

Kasey has content on apps that integrate with Google, podcasts for teachers,challenges for teachers to help grow their practice, and a whole lot more.

She’s full of energy and always super positive. You won’t regret connecting with her!

17. Catlin Tucker

Catlin Tucker

Catlin Tucker is well-known for many different reasons, but most notable is probably her work with blended learning and the thoughtful integration of technology into classrooms.

Her teacher website is absolutely packed with amazing content that will light your classroom on fire.

She has content about how to flip your classroom instruction, digital notebooks, ideas around grading, and a whole plethora of other resources as well.

Be sure to check out Catlin’s books too!

18. Shelly Sanchez Terrell

Shelly Sanchez Terrell

Shelly Sanchez Terrell is an educator and author.

She also puts out some seriously awesome blog posts on her teacher website. Shelly has great content about coding, English language learners, classroom culture, and so much more.

Shelly is always positive and student-driven. Her teacher website reflects all of that and more!

19. Laura Fleming

Laura Flemming

I’m going to make a bold statement and say that my friend, Laura Fleming, is the godmother of library Makerspaces and that entire movement!

Laura has been putting out content for so many years, and she just hasn’t slowed down.

On her teacher website, you’re going to find ideas on how to get your Makerspace up and running or how to take it to the next level. Laura has been published hundreds of times over the years and just continues to be on the forefront of what’s new,what’s next, and what’s needed for Makerspaces.

Laura has also written a couple of books and is available to train your school or district on getting Makerspaces for your schools!

20. Adam Welcome (me!)

Adam Welcome

I’m going to give myself a shameless plug. Not just for my own blog — but for blogging and sharing in general.

People often tell me they have nothing worthy to share, or they wonder if anyone would read what they wrote.

But I think they just don’t get it.

That’s completely wrong.

People want to read your thoughts and connect with your ideas, because whatever you’re going through right now or what you’re trying to do right now—

Someone else is in the same exact spot.

My very first blog was started around fifteen years ago when I was a third grade teacher.

I sold my car and was trying to live for an entire year without an automobile. That blog was called CyclingTeacherGuy and I simply wrote about my experiences as I tried to navigate work, grocery shopping, dating, and living in the bay area.

My experiment only lasted six months.I quickly realized it’s quite challenging to live without a car and do all of the things we have to do in the world that we live in.

But what that experience really did was pave the way for what I’ve done since then and continue to do now.

If I had never started that fun and somewhat silly blog so many years ago, who knows if I would have ever gotten involved with educational blogging, writing a book, or even doing the work that I am now.

Too many people overthink nearly everything they want to do, and blogging is a great example.

Every single person listed above started out by writing one blog post. Which led to another one, and they eventually found themselves where they are now.

It’s not even a leap of faith or jump that you need to make, just start by putting one foot in front of the other.

There’s no reason to dramatize the act of blogging and sharing your craft. Because I guarantee, there is something super awesome happening in your classroom that others could benefit from.

Use These Websites for Teachers to Hone Your Skills

This is such a great time to be in education with the amount of free resources and content at our fingertips.

Just think about teachers fifty years ago—

When did they have the opportunity to learn something new? And who was that person they were learning from!?

Be the best teacher you can be, and continue your education on a daily basis, so you can be awesome for your students.

Leave a comment below with your favorite teacher website, and so we can  continue learning together.

Adam Welcome

Adam Welcome

Adam has been an elementary school teacher, Principal, Director of Innovation for a large school district in the Bay Area and is also an author and speaker.

4 thoughts on “The 19 Best Teacher Websites That Help You Be Awesome for Kids

  1. Thanks Adam! I’m in Canada so the teacher grant site isn’t applicable but I’m sure I’ll find gold in the rest!

  2. Thanks for pointing the way to some people and resources – I hadn’t heard of many of them!
    I enjoyed your clear and inspiring language.
    I particularly liked what you wrote about your first steps as a blogger. Teachers need to hear that!
    Well done!
    If I may point out a small issue, which perhaps bothers veteran teachers like myself who read educators’ blogs regularly:
    I would never have read your post if I hadn’t been on vacation – normally I stay away from posts that have numbers like “19 best” “10 best” etc. It’s too much info to take in at once on an average workday. I find that posts showcasing one strategy, an activity, approach or inspiration are more useful and approachable.
    Glad I was on vacation and encountered your post!

  3. Awesome! Thanks for sharing! I already follow some of the amazing educators you listed and look forward to checking out the others. 🙂

    Also, I currently live overseas and LOVE not having a car. I am moving back to the DC area soon and have been going back and forth if I can get away without a car. I’m pretty sure I will need one.

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