Keynote and Workshop Topics:

Kids Deserve It

Motivational presentation - Kids Deserve It is a simple yet profound message and we should all join the conversation. Ride the bus with your students, read books to them, ride tricycles with Kindergarten students - stop making excuses and make it happen for your community!

Kids Deserve It Workshop Session

This is an excellent opportunity to go deeper with your organization and the Kids Deserve It message. Spend a half day with Adam pushing your group to think big, dream big, stop making excuses and come up with an action plan to move forward. We’ll get you thinking, moving around, collaborating with colleagues in other grade levels and departments, and most of all have the opportunity to have your entire organization in on the same conversation which builds cohesiveness and strategic goals.

Interactive Leadership Breakout Q&A

Keynote presentations are great, but let's dig deeper and have a breakout Q&A with your leadership team where we can get personal and talk specific challenges and ideas you're facing in your district. Have some personal time with Adam to develop strategies and strategic plans for moving forward with new and old ideas that will boost the mojo and learning with all students and staff!


They are popping up all over the country and for good reason. You can build your Makerspace with high tech and low tech as well. We’ll talk about some must haves in a Makerspace and how to get started with whatever resources you have at your school. Kids love making and creating, and the skills they learn can translate to so many other areas.

You Are Techie — Trust Me

So many people say they aren't techie and fear is at the heart of it all. Create a mindset of innovation, failure and start clicking those links to amplify your inner techieness that is already inside of you!

Video Creation

You Are Techie — Trust Me
So many people say they aren't techie and fear is at the heart of it all. Create a mindset of innovation, failure and start clicking those links to amplify your inner techieness that is already inside of you!

How to Run Your School from Your Phone

Learn how to be a 'mobile' leader on your campus. Improve connections, relationships, share the story of your school and spend less than an hour in your office each day!

Blogging to the Next Level

If you're new to blogging or have been blogging for years, learn how to amplify your voice and connect with other educators from around the world.

Social Media Interns

Social Media is how our children communicate and we must train and harness the power of their message. Empower your students to Tweet/Insta/Snap as a member of your school team. Our parents didn't throw us the keys to their car and let us drive on our own, we must show our kids the proper way to be 'social!'

How to Build an International PLN from Your Smartphone

Today, if you're still on educator island, that's your decision. See how to get connected and truly build an international PLN, and do it all from your phone. Twitter, Voxer and Instagram will blow the doors off of your learning and we'll get you truly connected with fellow educators. We can't do this work alone and building an international PLN is a must, let's do this now!

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Information Below:

"Adam Welcome's ability to reach our entire Pre-K to 12th grade staff and stretch their ability to honor the past practices while clearly painting a future that all kids deserve in every class, every day was beyond inspiring! It has ignited a fire in our district!"

Chip Rankin
Minnewaska Public Schools

"Very reinvigorating for me after a rough first semester. I felt prepared to tackle the new challenges the next day!"

Austin Public Schools, Minnesota

"Adam was fantastic in kicking off the year with our teachers! His enthusiastic message really helped bring the focus right back to where it should be and that's on the kids! Adam brings with him a tremendous toolbox full of ideas of creative opportunities for innovation in the classroom as well ways to build relationships not only with our students but also with our colleagues around the world!"

Patrick Westby
Superintendent, Sauk Centre Schools

"Adam Welcome was amazing!"

Gloria Halley
Butte County Office of Education

"Adam has the ability to speak to each and every group he works with. He prioritizes building a foundation of support for each person who has the opportunity to interact with him. He is sincere and passionate about creating a climate for students to be successful and understands that supporting and connecting with educators is a vital key to accomplishing that goal. Role modeling, sharing resources, and connecting with people is at the heart of what Adam does. His impact on educators will no doubt touch the lives of students everywhere. Adam is a true inspiration!"

Amber Heffner
Executive Director, Illinois Computing Educators

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